Thanksgiving Tablescape Inspiration

Thanksgiving Tablescape Inspiration


Thanksgiving is right around the corner, time to set those scales back ten pounds in preparation for the holidays! 😉 Haha! Behind all the delicious food and treats of this season, there is such a great feeling of family and togetherness that we get to experience. However, that togetherness can also mean you are in charge of hosting your entire family at your house for Thanksgiving dinner. Parents, grandmas, grandpas, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins, and third cousins twice removed... the guest list can get insane and hosting this amount of people can get mega-stressful!

In the spirit of giving all of you hosts and hostesses one less thing to worry about, I got together with my friend Stephanie over at the Cover it With Class showroom to come up with some beautiful ideas for how to design your Thanksgiving table!

Our first table design was based around a pumpkin and greenery filled cornucopia centerpiece sitting on a gold sequin table runner. 😍 You want to make sure to pick a centerpiece that will catch everyone’s eye. Blending different materials, greenery textures, and colors adds levels to your centerpiece and makes it more engaging for your guests to admire. And of course adding candlelight makes everything feel extra warm and fuzzy! Throughout the rest of the table, we mixed sparkly touches and patterns to bring out our festive color palette of burgundy, green, orange, and ivory, with copper and gold metallic accents.

Cornucopia Centerpiece Thanksgiving Tablescape Full Table Shot.JPG

We chose a simple striped napkin that incorporated all of our palette colors, then added some pops with a copper charger and sparkly name card propped up against a metallic pumpkin! Choosing a patterned napkin adds some flair to your table, but doesn’t overwhelm the look as a whole.

Striped Napkin with Sparkly Name Cut Outs and Pumpkin Decor.JPG

To finish off the entire look we chose green tinted water glasses, gold luster wine glasses, harvest themed appetizer plates, copper silverware, and elegant green chair bows.

Our second table design was more classic and traditional with a few rustic twists. Again, our centerpiece was a mixture of different textures, color types (matte, bright, metallic), and shapes. We chose to add some floral pops with big yellow sunflowers that brighten up the centerpiece and balance the dark coffee beans settled around the pillar candle in the center. (Again, a quick pro tip - you can NEVER have too much candlelight!!) The centerpiece is sitting on a burlap and lace runner, the first of a few rustic twists to this more traditional Thanksgiving table setting.

Traditional Rustic Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece .JPG

The place settings drew on that traditional vibe, with the dinner plates depicting various harvest scenes. We added a bit more of that yellow color pop (drawn from the sunflowers in the centerpiece) by placing a bright doily in between the plate and the rustic burlap charger. Instead of name cards, we laid a few rustic burgundy floral sprigs on the top of the plate, bringing the table cloth color full circle into the design.

Traditional Rustic Thanksgiving Table Place Setting.JPG

To finish this table’s look we added simple crystal wine glasses, champagne colored napkins, copper silverware, and champagne chair bands accented with a pearl pin.

Let’s recap some simple tips to up your Thanksgiving tablescape game at this year’s festivities!

  1. Choose a simple color palette. Make sure to include a darker base color, a lighter neutral color, a pop of a bright or unexpected color, and a metallic accent.

  2. Create an eye catching centerpiece! Mix different textures, materials, colors, and floral to make it stand out.

  3. Come up with a theme or vision for your table. Do you want a more classic look? Rustic? Modern? I would suggest sticking to one or two at most so your look stays cohesive!  

  4. Get inspired! Go into a home goods store and find a fall dinner plate, picture, or decor piece to base your table off of.

I hope you enjoyed getting some Thanksgiving table inspiration and are feeling more prepared to host your family and friends next week! Remember, even trying just one of these tips will add some festive flair to your tablescape.

Make sure to stay tuned! In the next few weeks Stephanie and I are teaming up again and creating a Holiday inspired tablescape with a modern twist. You won’t want to miss this post!

Thank you for reading and I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Now go eat, drink, and most importantly, be THANKFUL! 😊

The Vendor Team:

Planning + Design: Kristin from Natural Elegance LLC

Decor: Cover it with Class

Photos: Danielle Kuenzi Photography

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