The Ups and Downs of Having A Small Wedding

The Ups and Downs of Having A Small Wedding


One of the first decisions newly engaged couples make is how many people they want to celebrate their special day with. For some, especially those with large families, this decision comes easily. For others with a lot of question marks on their guest list, it can be one of the toughest decisions in the planning process. Here are a few pros and cons of choosing to have a small wedding.

The Upsides

You will have a more intimate and personal atmosphere for your day.

Inviting fewer people means you will choose the ones that are most important in your lives. It will naturally eliminate people you would only invite out of obligation. You will also know your guests better, so you can add more personal touches to your day with your guests in mind.

You don’t need as big of a budget and will have more financial flexibility.

Each wedding guest costs a certain amount based on food, beverage, and rental totals. This means the less people you have, the cheaper your wedding will be! You can also spend the money in your budget that you save on guests in areas that are most important to you such as fancy menu cards or top-shelf bar choices. In other words, you can afford more luxury items since you have less people.

It’s way more DIY friendly.

DIY ideas for your wedding can seem like a great idea…until you have to sit down to make 350 individualized succulent plant guest favors. The fewer people you have to create personalized items for, the easier it is to complete more unique projects for your special day!

You’ll get more one on one time with guests.

By having less people to see, it is easier to ensure you’ll spend at least a few minutes with each of your guests that come to share your special day.

There will be less chaos.

There is much less of chance to feel overwhelmed by the pressures that come along with throwing a large wedding.

The Downsides

There is a greater risk for guest list drama.

A smaller wedding means a smaller guest list. This means some friends and family may feel slighted if they are cut from the list. You will probably get a lot of questions about why certain people weren’t invited. It also means making some tough choices about who you want to share your special day with.

You may lose the party atmosphere.

In exchange for the intimacy of a small gathering, you may lose out on the “party” side of a wedding. A large wedding usually means more people and electricity on the dance floor. If you’re looking for your wedding to be a party - the bigger the guest list the better.

You lose out on some captured memories.

Guests are great for documenting your day from all different points of view. With fewer people to capture these moments, you may miss out on a few unique memories from your day.

The prospect of relationships forming among your guests goes down.

Weddings are a great place for family and friends to meet and form new friendships and connections. Having more people at your wedding naturally increases the connections that can be made!

There is a chance you will regret not having a big wedding.

Make sure if you decide to have an intimate wedding, it is truly what both you and your fiance want. You don’t want to regret not inviting certain people or having certain things on your day.

The easiest way to make this decision is to sit down with your partner and create your initial guest list. From there, decide how many (if any) eliminations you want to make until you reach a number you are both comfortable with.

When my husband and I got engaged, we immediately considered the idea of a destination wedding. We both love the beach and knew we didn’t want to have hundreds of guests at our wedding. However, after we sat down to make our guest list, it was a bit longer than we expected and we quickly realized it would be tough for a good number of the people we definitely wanted there, to make any sort of long distance trip. Instead, we decided to have an intimate wedding close to home. Seventy of our closest family and friends gathered on our day to celebrate our love. It was perfect for US.

It’s important to remember that every couple is different, and you can’t compare your wants for your day to anyone else's. Just like every decision in the planning process, do what’s best for both you and your partner so your day is everything you dreamed it to be!

❤ Kristin

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