Defining Your Wedding Vision

Defining Your Wedding Vision


Defining your wedding vision sets the tone for your entire planning process. Sit down with your fiance and take some time to answer the questions below. It will help you begin to piece together your dream wedding day!

Elegant and Simple Wedding Reception Guest Table
  1. Where did you two meet?

  2. What was your first date?

  3. Where did you first vacation together?

  4. What is your favorite time of year?

  5. What are your favorite colors?

  6. Do you have a certain type of flower that you absolutely adore?

  7. What is your dream date night?

  8. What songs make you break out in spontaneous song or dance?

  9. What is your favorite movie to watch together?

  10. What is your favorite bar to go grab a cocktail? What is that cocktail?

  11. Do you two play a sport together or have a favorite team you both root for?

  12. Do you have a favorite food to eat together?

  13. What is a guilty pleasure that you indulge in as a couple?

  14. What are your hobbies as a couple? Do you collect anything?

  15. Does your family have any special traditions or heirlooms you want to focus on? Also, think about cultural traditions you’d like incorporated on your day.

  16. What are your nicknames for one another?

All of these answers not only start building your overall vision, but help narrow choices for your venue, decor, food, and drinks. It will also give you and your sweetie a chance to reminisce and talk about the things you love to do together.

If you are feeling overwhelmed looking at these questions or feel lost at how to apply them to a real life wedding, reach out to a wedding planner! We are here to help take your dream wedding vision and turn it into a reality.

❤ Kristin

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