Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner

Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner



One of the most emotionally high moments of your life is saying “YES!” to the person who just asked you to spend forever with them. If you’re anything like I was, you’re screaming it from the balcony because you’re so happy! (Any fellow “Friends” fans?!)

Within minutes after posting your ring selfie and announcing your engagement to family and friends, the questions, advice, and opinions usually start pouring in.

“When’s your date?!”

“Where are you going to get married?!”

“You should really have a big wedding!”

“What kind of dress are you going to wear?!”

“Whose catering?! Either way, I’ll have the steak!”

“Are you thinking about having live music?! I could bring my banjo and really get the party started!”

...and the questions keep coming until your wedding day!

The pressure, stress, and worry that can come along with planning one of the most special days of your life can take over the excitement of your engagement quickly. It’s so easy to lose sight of what you and your fiance want when everyone around you starts sharing what they think is best.


The first thing you should do before you start attacking the wedding planning process is decide if you want to use part of your budget for wedding planning services. My job as a wedding planner is to take that stress, pressure, and worry off your shoulders and help you relish in every special moment throughout the planning process.   

Here are the top five most important ways I help my couples on their journey from saying, “YES!”, to saying, “I DO!”.

Holding steady as the calming force.

I am here to help you remember the true meaning behind what your wedding day represents, listen to any worries or concerns you have, and keep you grounded and focused on each step in the planning process.

Being your ally and advocate.

I will constantly look out for your best interests as a couple and help you hold true to your visions for your wedding day. I am here to be your number one advocate and provide my professional expertise to help make decisions that are the best fit for you as a couple.

Being your guide.

You won’t have to stress about the details or search through hundreds of local vendors. I will narrow your choices and present your best options that fit your personality, budget, and unique vision.

Building your vendors into your wedding day team.

I will work with your vendors before the day of your wedding to get to know them and organize their role into the overall timeline of your day. The day of, I will serve as their “coach” to ensure everything flows smoothly and every last detail is correct.

Preserving the memories of your planning process.

Planning your wedding in itself is a process that creates memories and important milestones in your life. I am not going to take away any of those experiences. I am here to enhance them and allow you to enjoy them more by making steps in the process into memories with your fiance and loved ones.

These are just a few of the many ways having a planner helps ease the stress of planning your wedding. My overall goal is to not only make the process easier for you, but to help you embrace the natural and simple beauty of your own love story through each decision. To me, that is the true key to planning the wedding day you have always dreamed of.

❤ Kristin

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